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China's noise-killing tunnel for high-speed trains a world's first

A high-speed railway noise barrier tunnel is under construction in South China's Guangdong Province with the aim of protecting a population of herons and other birds from loud sounds in one of the country's largest natural sanctuaries, media reported on Thursday.

The 2-kilometer barrier, being built over a section of the Jiangmen-Maoming Railway next to Bird's Paradise, reported on Thursday.

The barrier costs around 187 million yuan ($29.5 million).

At some points, the train line runs 800 meters from Bird's Paradise, one of China's largest bird observation reserves and the natural habitat of at least 30,000 herons.

Decreasing vibrations, noise and light pollution along the railway is crucial to the birds' environment and health, according to China Railway Guangzhou Group.

The project manager explained the application of a fully-enclosed design and sound-deadening technology used is the first of its kind in the world for high-speed rail.